Ice Barrier

Spicy Win Streaks from on September 7th, 2022
Gems 56k
30 cards

Notes & Combos

More of a defensive board-setting Ice Barrier deck compared to the more conventional lists. Really solid opening I theorized the deck around was the 2-card payoff of Revealer -> pitch Whale -> Hexa mill Geomancer -> Monoceros to get Whale and set SSA.

The other common opening that completely gives me tempo is a 3-card hand of Revealer, Speakers, and Winds (which did come up a lot iirc). End board for that was usually Brio (Dolphin depending on MU) and Spellbreaker with Zuijin sitting in GY and Revealer banished in order to stun Spells. Worked beautifully against any deck, especially turning Galaxy, Fusion, and Pendulum decks to a one-sided waiting game, with the exception of E-HEROs drawing a one-off in Grand Mole.

And of course, going second should be like most conventional Ice Barrier strats: bait Books through summon spam, activate Winds, and break the board. :)

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