Spicy Win Streaks from on September 11th, 2022
Gems 39k
22 cards

Author Notes

Keep in mind that "Fossil Warriors" adds an extra Weathering Soldier, Gaia Plate, and Fossil Fusion. This build is focused on going second. These particular cards were chosen since Giant can set up the grave for a fusion and also works around Volcanic Queen's restriction. Queen can help play around monster negates and high attack monsters while also setting up an OTK with Skullgios (4600 damage). Block Dragon I think speaks for itself, though I will say the card Charm of Shabti is an option here if you would desire searching for 3 cards when Block is destroyed instead of just 1-2. Gaia Plate the Earth Giant is the best level 8 rock that Shell Knight can summon and is worth getting 2 of if possible, but 1 is enough with this skill. The Dark World cards synergize well with the fossil searchers and can also set up the grave for a fusion at times. Release from Stone works nicely with Block Dragon, but is generally useful to have since fossils do a lot of banishing and a decent amount of banish cards exist in the meta.

An ideal opening hand for turn 1 is having Power Giant and Sentry Solider of Stone since that gives you a decent play into Gorgonic Guardian to help survive that first turn since it's something Fossils can struggle with. Block Dragon is a decent open too.

For turn 2, Queen is nice to have, but the Giant + Sentry combo can also summon the other rank 3 card since it can force the opponent to use backrow cards before you summon your fusions. Can brick but consistent