Spicy Win Streaks from on October 24th, 2022
Gems 23.5k + $41
20 cards

Author Notes

TrickStars main weakness is lack of attack points in order to counter act this using cards like solidarity to boost attack as well as world legacy clash to lower opponents attack Corobane is also huge importance to the deck being able to provide a huge boost of attack points the deck desperately needs, Lycoris is also vey important for helping other trickstars dodge effects including warning point, compulse, and crackdown, and of course Candina is the starter of the deck being able to search any Trickstar card. ---------------------------------- Checkout my replays!

Player id: 487-764-951

  • Replay1 Win vs Infenities
  • Replay2: Win Vs. Rose Dragons (Very Sick Play On Last Turn)
  • Replay3 Win: Vs. Lunalights
  • Replay 4 Win Vs. Water Xyz

-Replay 5 Win : Vs. Six Sams

-Replay 6 Loss : Vs. Blue Eyes

Providing Screenshots Because Was A Duel That Did not load in the middle