Spicy Win Streaks from on October 6th, 2022
Gems 32k + $11
20 cards

Notes & Combos

Gaia is still a top tier deck imo performance-wise. You have some amazing plays available and it can go head to head against all current top tier decks including the newly added Salamangreat.

D.D. Crow can be one of your worst counters if played right, as it is for most decks at this point and Wightprincess still hurts this deck if you encounter people still playing it.

Other than those if you watch your disruptions and make sure you efficiently get rid of backrow youn can then dish out enough damage to end games fast enough.

I strongly believe this archetype should have a bigger presense in this meta. Enjoy and let's keep the Gaia love alive, let's gooo!!!

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