Spicy Win Streaks from on November 28th, 2022
Gems 32.5k + $15
20 cards

Author Notes

Prescience lets you see what your opponent is playing to know what is the best turn 1. For example against shiranui and dark magician, you can usually safely summon whatever and they won't have a way to destroy it or run over it turn 1. If it's a deck that normal summons then you can lock them with bishbaalkin and OTK on the next turn. You can look at the replays :

  1. vs Infernoid
  2. vs pre-banlist Salamangreat
  3. vs Super Quantum
  4. vs Dark Magician
  5. vs Gimmick Puppet
  6. vs pre-banlist Salamangreat
  7. vs Shiranui
  8. vs Blue-eyes (loss)

Would have won vs blue eyes if it wasn't karma cut, because i was going to get a search to burn with gem-knights. He played it well though