Spicy Win Streaks from on November 11th, 2022
Gems 40.5k
20 cards

Notes & Combos

The deck is bad, winstreak was in KoG which explains a lot. Still, fun if you want to play something new and have the cards. Also, I am a horrible deck builder, so you can probably come up with something better. Also also, DS Low Level may be better. Also also also, I don't have Compulsory. Play it. Going first it's useless to Synchro Summon, pray you open to Sting to search and special Twinbow (which locks you into Insects on Special, important for ED options), ideally with backrow. Alternatively, set Arbalest and hope it gets popped. Going second the deck has some neat options: Primitive Butterfly gives you access to L7s or the Link2 play, which people seem not to read. Also, Arbalest + Revival Swarm is usually able to make Trishula if you survived the first turn, so that's fun.

Now, what no one knows: Twinbow can attack twice. Gigachad.

Rose Dragon quitting before the Trish play: Mekk-Knights: Bad Salad not allowing me to have fun:

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