Dark Magician

Spicy Win Streaks from on March 26th, 2023
Gems 23.5k + $4
20 cards

Notes & Combos

As a Duel Links player that also plays Master Duel, having a viable Dark Magician deck in the meta is a big thing for me, and with the new recent support coming from the new box and structure deck, I can confidently say that DM will be back in the Tier List at some point in the future. This deck is honestly super fun to play and usally results in a nice board lock between Dark Magical Circle, Eternal Soul, and Summon Breaker.

There are two main routes of playing this deck, one of which relies on Apprentice Illusion Magician and DM Girl in hand, or through the use of your new skill, Magicians Magic. The Apprentice play requires the special summon, and search for DM. Then, you can activate your skill, send your DM Girl back to the deck, then add Dimension Conjourer and DM Girl to the hand. Normal summon the Conjourer to the field, activate its affect, and then you can add Magical Dimension to your hand. This play also can be replicated without Apprentice in hand, only requiring either DM Girl, Magical Dimension, or Magic Cylinder.

From here, you can use your own discresion as to what you do based on if you are going first or second. Going first, your end board should look very defensive with your Conjourer and Dimension on the field to disrupt your opponents summons. You can also play Summon Breaker after you have set up your board to even further disrupt your opponent. Going second should aim for for a fusion summon of one of the three options, but mostly aiming for The Dark Magicians. Becasue of Secrets of the Dark Magic being a Quick-play Spell, this means that if you have monsters on the field that can attack, you can do this, then fusion summon into The Dark Magicians and swing for game. All things considered, your end boards are very flexible, and can play through most disruptions.

Notes: King of the Swamp, while sometimes being a dead card, is also a very useful editon to the deck, allowing access to both Dark Cavalry and Dark Paladin without having to run those required cards. Magicians Rod, while not being needed in the main combo line, can really help with setting up your board to maintain advatage by searching for your main DM Spells/Traps. Be cautious though, as it does take up your normal summon and disrupts your own combo.

All in all, this is a pretty fun deck that locks your opponent out of playing the game, and has netted me some pretty nice wins against the better decks of the meta.


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