Spicy Win Streaks from on June 12th, 2022

Author Notes

Triamid with bricks thanks to Occult Maniac skill 6-0 in Stage 2 KCGT 12.06.2022

Consistency skills were Konami's good buddy back in the day, but thanks to Noble Knights abusing Balance they nerfed them to the point that now they are unplayable in most cases. Triamid deck is currently the only strategy that can afford not being able to activate monster effects and special summon until the end of Main Phase of the player's first turn. Occult Maniac is supposed to be a consistency support for Fiend and Zombie focused deck, but since Triamids are Rock-Type, I had to put into the 5 monsters with different names that would not be hurt by this horrible restriction. In the beginning number of cards in the deck was smaller, but since Zombies and Fiends are really bricky in this deck I tried to make them less seen in my opening hand, so I just put every other card at maximum except Sphinx.

Harpie The Tie that Binds #DuelReplay #DuelLinks

Galaxy Photon #DuelReplay #DuelLinks

Metalfoes #DuelReplay #DuelLinks

Melodious #DuelReplay #DuelLinks

Hazy Flame Dino #DuelReplay #DuelLinks

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