Thunder Dragons

Spicy Win Streaks from on June 9th, 2022

Author Notes

The main idea behind this deck is to abuse Lab Builder to allow the deck to run both soft and hard garnets that would normally ruin starting hands and turn it into a positive.

The main starter of the deck is Psy-Reflector. Psy-Reflector searching Beast, discard, summon back beast as a level 6. After this, shuffle back the searched trap with Lab Builder along with 1 card in hand. The main combo of the deck requires 1 card from hand to be shuffled so drawing 1 hard garnet doesn't matter at all.

You now have a level 5, a level 6, and a level 1 tuner. Stardust Charge Warrior now draws 1 card and you overlay into Beatrice sending whatever you need to set up an extender this turn or a starter next turn basic off of your hand: betrayer/bulb/roar/etc.

this combo is a 1 card Beatrice that gives you the chance to hand fix, set up grave, and plays well with the other extenders and starters the deck has.

Speaking of extenders and alternate starters: Sarc+a level 6 in hand is Beatrice through sarc banish roar, summon dark, tribute dark for a 6, search an use hawk to bring back roar for beatrice. Sarc+skill is Adreus

Misc is a bonkers addition to the deck given the ability to shuffle back the tuner garnet through the skill (or through hawk's effect) and can be tuner access without a normal summon or tribute fodder for a level 5 or 6 in hand for an xyz play with a rough hand.

This deck does what TD always does (we dont talk about ht format) create fun puzzle scenarios for combos.