Spicy Win Streaks from on June 1st, 2022
Gems 33.5k + $38
20 cards

Notes & Combos

A truly ridiculous climb! Knowledge actually enables Priestess more easily, and I've been topdecking her left and right. It also helps enable Show of Nightmares more quickly, and sets up Fate quickly going 2nd.

Some cool new combos/plays:

  1. Knowledge CL1, Organization CL2, sort the top 3 cards before drawing to set up Priestess.

  2. Knowledge can send Tower to draw 2, so that you keep an additional Spell in hand---if you then draw Priestess and a "Spellbook" Spell then Priestess should be live. Don't worry, you can get it back with Eternity :)

  3. Power onto Blue Boy while Priestess is on the field, vs. an open field. Attack with 1500 direct, then Priestess threatens lethal THROUGH Wightprincess because Priestess will become 400 ATK, playing under Destiny Draw.

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