Spicy Win Streaks from on January 10th, 2024
Gems 63.5k
30 cards

Notes & Combos

~Trishula got kicked from the ExDeck to the Main deck because "Konami said so".~

Kidding aside, Nekroz and Crystrons surprisingly work really well together.

Rituals don't care that Crystron non-tuners lock you out of special summoning from the ExDeck, so you can pop to your hearts content. They also laugh in the face of Warning Point.

You also, really don't need the majority of the Nekroz support. In practice, Clausolas and Trishula just need me to provide a single level 3 monster. Undine, Genex Controller, Scrap Recycler, and Thystven aren't doing anything important typically, so it's taking advantage of resouces already present.

The glue holding the Crystrons and Nekroz together is Arc Light. Summon it with Genex Controller and Rosenix's token, or if you open golden Undine/Scrap and Quan, with Rion at the ready.

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Vs Constellar

Vs Red Eyes

Vs Destiny Heroes

Vs Yubel

Vs Orcust

Vs Toons

Vs D/D/D

Loss Vs Mayakashi