Paleo Frog

Spicy Win Streaks from on December 29th, 2023
Gems 59.5k + $45
21 cards

Notes & Combos

Late season KoG, but I got it very fast with a 16 win streak. The basic game plan is to make sure you survive until your next turn with a Paleozoic on board, and then use that to summon Opabinia and go to town. I usually summon Opabinia first, then Anomalocaris, and sometimes Links after that.

I run 12 Paleozoics to make Pikaia as live as possible, as well as to keep summoning under Opabinia. I know it isn't popular in Master Duel Paleo Frogs and even among other Duel Links players, but it's a great opener and the key way to gain advantage in this deck, as well as keep comboing after summoning Opabinia.

I only run 1 Dinomischus because the discard cost can be quite steep. Marrella can pitch Lost Wind; you can even activate Marrella preemptively before an opponent’s Extra Deck summon so that you have an additional Trap during your next turn to summon Paleozoics with.

As for the non-Paleo Traps, the Hallowed Life Barriers are a must; it’s always great to open with so you can survive until your next turn. I would run Icy Dragon Prison if I had it, since it solves so many issues for this deck (particularly when facing targeting / destruction protection like Tenyi). You can try Drowning Mirror Force depending on the meta, but non chainable Traps are vulnerable to removal and less flexible for summoning Paleozoics.

For Link climbing after Xyz summoning, I usually have Opabinia and Anomalocaris on the field, and then I summon one more Paleozoic and Ronintoadin. Link Ronintoadin into Security Dragon, and the Paleozoic into Imduk (using Security Dragon to bounce a monster if possible). Link Imduk and Ronintoadin into Ningirsu, selecting an opponent's card as well as your own unaffected Anomalocaris or other Paleozoic. Special summon Ronintoadin once more, linking with Ningirsu to make Rasterliger for an additional 4500 damage.

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Vs. Yubel Neos (Roy) #DuelReplay #DuelLinks

This shows why running 3 Pikaia is a must is absolute bonkers. Drawing Pikaia into Pikaia is amazing.