Spicy Win Streaks from on December 21st, 2023

Notes & Combos

I was running Mark of the Dragon - Foot because my Yusei has no more gems for me to passively grind, and Foot at least puts BRD in the ExDeck. Only have 2 overtakes and 1 Veil and was bouncing between Citree and a 2nd Quan.

As for the key combos...

Summon a Level 3, then special Jet with Overtake. Summon Hastorr, and have Jet search Junkuribo. Let Sulf do Crystron things, and end on Quan. On opponent's turn: Quan uses Junkuribo to field Formula Synchron. Formula Synchron uses Hastorr to field Inzektron, or if Impact is live Trish 9. Hastorr's grave effect equips to opponent's monster. Pop it on my turn for the steal.

If I've got Inzektron on the field, Junk Synchron can revive Prasiortle to field Trish 11, or a level 1 tuner to field both BRD and Ruddy.

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10: Mirror Vs SSA Crystrons

9: Vs Red Eyes

6: Vs Yubel

5: Vs Blue Eyes

3: Vs Yubel