Spicy Win Streaks from on August 26th, 2023
Gems 63.5k + $153
30 cards

Notes & Combos

Really strong deck, specially because most people on ladder doesn't know how to play against it.

Ideal turn 1 would be duke on the grave, and on the field sucker, retainer/familiar, takeover and at least one of book of moon, IDP or evacuation. Drawing with sucker helps a lot to get the non searchable cards, and IDP is specially good here to steal opponents monster and banish your retainer or familiar since with the skill everyone is a zombie.

Just remember that Duke can misstime, so don't summon it in chain 2 or higher unless you don't have other option. Vamp was used more to tribute 2 opponent's monster with sucker effect than equiping them, would probably play another lvl7 or higher vampire if we had it.

I barely used the XYZs, so if you want to play more links you can do it too. I replaced Knightmare Unicorn with decode talker because most times I could summon it I had no cards in hand, and decode can help protecting you backrow too.

I would play a third duke instead of grace and a third IDP if I had it, you can replace gozuki with more desire and domain too.

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