Spicy Win Streaks from on August 11th, 2022

Author Notes

Metaphys 5-0

I would really love any advice on how to optimize this decklist please, or even play style suggestions! I tried incorporating a lightsworn engine, dark world discard spell, traps that require a discard, etc. The moment I saw fissure in the new box, I immediately thought of my beautiful Metaphys. It would be a dream to reach KoG with this deck, but the current meta of broken/cheap skills is going to really make me work for it.

Some observations:

  • Fissure saves against handtraps like wightprincess and sphere where it says to discard to graveyard. On that note, it affects lightsworn charge because of the interruption (aka the semicolon from sending cards to graveyard and activating effect)
  • With Ascension and dimension is an aggressive strategy while ascension and asymmetaphys (especially during opponent battle phase) is a defensive strategy.
  • PAY ATTENTION TO AFFECTS ON STANDBY!!! You don't always have to activate them. Leave the monster there for decoy dragon to potentially use later or to be summoned by dimension.
  • Fissure allows you to recover aloof and decoy

Thank you once again and please please please, any advice or (positive/constructive) thoughts would be greatly appreciated!