Spicy Win Streaks from on August 6th, 2022
Gems 70.5k
30 cards

Notes & Combos

Another time to farm a brand new character and accidentally make a Skill Issue episode. Need 2 Level 4 Winged Beast-Type monsters to summon Ice Beast Zerofyne? Well, Harpies is the archetype you need to be able to summon it consistently (Blackwings would also work but I don't own them sadly). And guess what, Harpies are still so good you don't need to run specific skill to get a spicy winstreak, but Zerofyne itself sometimes come in handy. Also you can tribute your garnets from the skill with Swallow's Nest :smileW: Don't mind the Galaxy-Eyes XYZ monsters, I didn't use them even once (but AI did in Autoduels :flushed:)

vs Blue-Eyes forgot to save the link (will be on YT)

vs Gaia https://duellinks.konami.net/att/024a319bd047293311080f08162a3ce57d7fa26a78 #DuelReplay #DuelLinks

vs Harpie https://duellinks.konami.net/att/01170caf74a0eb25dd50ad7c03ec1c703e2504fcc9 #DuelReplay #DuelLinks

vs Gimmick Puppet https://duellinks.konami.net/att/055a8c7cc7fe2b79b9adc6b48d3f01c96874c4889f #DuelReplay #DuelLinks

vs Dark Magician Spellbook https://duellinks.konami.net/att/01ee02fbb3a403ee09dce8fbaa1f71db53f18d0ba6 #DuelReplay #DuelLinks

vs Buster Blader (loss) https://duellinks.konami.net/att/068834fb5732b1a154f2398b0d16999eff6cf7fd43 #DuelReplay #DuelLinks

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