King of Games from on September 23rd, 2023
Gems 39k + $11
20 cards

Notes & Combos

V Salamander is one of the best 1 card combos in the game, with the ability to make 2 monster negates going first (Leo equipped with Pegasus), and effortlessly make a Raigeki (Utopia Ray V) or huge 5k beatstick (Utopia the Lightning) going second. Let's use Spellbook to dig really deep for it! Spellbook of Knowledge can draw 2 cards, and can be copied by Spellbook of the Master for 2 extra draws. Spellbook of Fate's third effect provides a quick-play non-targeting banish that most protection effects do not cover. The Spellbook part can also be used to bait interaction going second. Often, I choose to Normal Summon Spellbook Magician of Prophecy first to try to bait interaction. He can simply be shuffled back into the deck with the second effect of the Skill later to free up space for V Salamander as an extra Normal Summon. Spellbook of Fate's first effect is a low investment searchable non-targeting backrow removal that can be used before doing the V Salamander play, which is good because the boss monster is vulnerable to backrow (the reason that I play lance). Its second effect is non-targeting Book of Moon, and we all know how good Book of Moon is (I am also playing it). Did you know that Silent Magician is a level 4, and V Salamander is a Spellcaster? Silent Magician can potentially be a free extra Spell negate! Spell negation is valuable to protect Leo Utopia Ray from common techs in the meta, such as Book of Moon, Cosmic Cyclone, Dark Hole, Forbidden Chalice. And with the massive deck thinning that Spellbook provides, drawing into her is not that hard. She can even be tributed over Spellbook Magician of Prophecy as the only boss monster if V Salamander refuses to show up in the hand. It is a shame that the Skill prohibits Special Summoning Silent Magician LV8, meaning that Silent Magician cannot float. For the Extra Deck, all 5 playable Utopia XYZ monsters under the Skill have all come up in some way, so I am playing them all. The other 3 slots are optional, as it is not really common for this deck to access them (only by using double V Salamander or V Salamander + Silent Magician, not common), though V Salamander's normal summon effect is not once per turn so sometimes you do want to Normal Summon 2 of them. I just put in the best Rank 4 XYZs I have because only they can be summoned under the Skill restrictions, and they do come in clutch sometimes.

Only took 5 days and 161 wins to get from Rookie 1 to King of Games. Not even tough.

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