King of Games from on September 26th, 2023
Gems 68k
28 cards

Notes & Combos

Standard build I feel, nothing overly fancy. No convoluted Force Strix search Zephyros, make Evilswarm Nightmare, just straight up more-consistent Orcust than pure.

I originally had Trifortressops in here but popular decks didn't swarm as much as I thought, so I swapped them out for Lanceas. I also had 1 Vic Viper for the memes because it can be searched but it didn't come up so I also swapped that out.

Lancea has dual use here. Stops BLS from popping off, but also can be tribute summoned to place Dingirsu in GY lol. Remember to chain your Orcust GY to your own Lancea.

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