King of Games from on September 20th, 2023
Gems 52k + $23
24 cards

Notes & Combos

I originally climbed to legend 5 using pre-nerf Odd-Eyes, but got tired of losing to set 3+pass, so I switched to one of the Gandora decks that topped KCC last weekend. This KoG run was very stressful. I lost my rank-up twice, once to me completely misplaying and once to Lancea (thankfully that was the only opponent I faced who dropped Lancea on me). I kept going first vs BLS which was incredibly annoying as I knew they could possibly OTK me even through Decode+Ding.

Advice and changes I'm considering:

• -1 Exciton, +1 Abyss Dweller: Dweller would've helped a lot against BLS and the mirror match. There were times I wished I had Dweller instead for these matchups, but Exciton came up a lot. So it's kinda tough. I would 100% advise at least putting Dweller in the side deck for tournaments.

• Lancea: This FTK's the mirror matchup and helps slow down BLS. It's also quite cheeky against Odd-Eyes.

• +1 Gandora Destruction: This is basically to facilitate having 3+ Gandora names in the GY (including with the Skill) to banish the board and GYs to push for game turn 3. It's mostly meme but it could potentially help in the grind game. It came up for me once vs Tenyi, where I would've had lethal after banishing everything.

• Against Playmaker, a potentially dangerous play going first is setting up Longirsu in the middle zone+Babel+Ding. This makes it so Longirsu can always disrupt whatever Link play they go for. However, I found that this board heavily plays into MST and Cosmic getting rid of Babel. That's why Decode+Ding is perhaps still safer, but it's something to keep in mind. I went for it once vs Tenyi and it was quite decent.

• Gandora was incredible. It nukes boards and completely annihilates set 3+pass decks.

• There's nearly infinite combos once you get rolling with this deck. I'm still new to Gandora so I kept timing out and nearly timing out, especially when I was trying to figure out ways to go for lethal. If you're gonna try this deck, then get familiar with the combos and decide what you will do turn 1 ASAP. This will give you more wiggle room late game so that you have as much time as possible to hopefully push for game and/or make a comeback.

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