King of Games from on September 6th, 2022

Author Notes

Credit to うずまき on YT for the list!

Was hard-stuck Leg 1 but after swapping BoMs for Crows, I got KoG in under 50 games. Also decided to empty my ED and dropped Zirnitron for Kite.


  • Searchable Draw 2 and GY Steal + 3 Crows makes Galaxy and Fav Duel free
  • Meks become 3k beater.deck and field-spell stops Rose Dragon nukes
  • Can play through BoM with Mirage
  • Most of Hero's ED and Malefics won't return from BDN banish even if BDN leaves field
  • Lots of fun activating stuff early to play around things like Stratos nuke, managing fuel for BDN and field spell etc


  • Yazi + Backrow, many ways for Rose to force field spell, they can play through Crow
  • Compulse