King of Games from on September 27th, 2022

Author Notes

As I'm basically the 3rd/4th in command of the western Infernity hivemind I feel somewhat obligated to do a small retrospective on the climb.

I have real mixed feelings about this meta. Rose Dragon and Meklord I am okay with existing as they are, but Galaxy and HERO I am absolutely sick to death of. I think Infernity is in a good spot as its most major issues have been solved with this new support wave whilst not making it obnoxiously broken (though some on Reddit seem to think otherwise)

There is room for improvement with Infernity though, I don't think we've quite cracked the optimal build to maximise sacky wins. I definitely think Dragged Down is still worth playing, there were a few games where I wish I'd had it over Suppression. Speaking of, Suppression and Malevolent Sin don't come up enough to justify playing in Ranked; the former especially since technicalities mean it can't activate when it would be most useful (Roach, etc.)

MST just about makes this deck bearable going second, whilst not sacrificing too many hands going first, I would absolutely play them no matter what. Otherwise, same old deck.

An important thing to remember is dead hands don't always equal an instant loss. OTKing is not as prevalent as it once was unless you're against a scummy Galaxy or HERO build, and the new tools this deck has made it more flexible to play around certain strategies. Just remember to be extra careful with your normal summon!

Happy comboing!