Ice Barrier

King of Games from on September 27th, 2022
Gems 52.5k
26 cards

Author Notes

Graydle Dragon is severely underrated. BEWD ATK stat, pops 2 on summon like Frightfur Tiger and comes with a float. A lot of value for two materials. I chose to run two copies for the grind game as Ice Barrier isn't the best at closing games out. You can also summon two of them in one turn since the pop 2 effect isn't OPT.

Zuijin is also underrated. Free mill with Hexa in place of Dewdark, can be SP summoned from the GY without any Ice Barriers on the board so losing your normal summon to backrow doesn't disable Speakers and Wayne, and can be used to SP summon Wayne from hand against an empty board, even on Turn 1.

As a whole, Ice Barrier has pretty decent OTK potential even on Turn 3/4 thanks to your GY effects giving so much recursion. Speakers, Revealer, Zuijin and Winds effects are a +4 off of GY effects alone. Abyss Dweller would counter this deck so hard so I'm running one for the mirror match. Everyone else opted for Hope Woven Dragon Spider Shark to push for damage.