King of Games from on September 30th, 2022
Gems 59.5k
20 cards

Notes & Combos

It's since the introduction of N.94 with Rio that I wanted to get kog with Sharks and finally (after like 2 months) here we are! I now that "Twins together" and "Overlay regeneration" are most likely the best skills to use...but instead I want to pay respect for my boy Shark and N.32 /C32 by playing swimming from the abyss :) which (even though both the archetype and the skill need a buff) is definitely (imo) the most fun way to play Sharks. Here are now some notes about the decklist:

  1. Number 94 is our new turn 1 blind play (thanks to Lantern shark) which I know it might not sound the greatest option...but unless we don't already know what we're up against (like Black Rose/Synchron = Stellswarm Roach or PK = Abyss Dweller) I assure you that N.94 is actually a nice choice (especially against otk decks like photon);
  2. If it weren't for the relevance of Black Rose and Synchron I would be playing Rhinosebus instead of Roach;
  3. I do have 3 copies of Angler....but, most of the time, it was resulting in a brick for the deck, while instead Double fin shark helped me MANY times to do a comeback (even tough yes, it locks us into only water monsters);
  4. Corebage helps us against monsters like Photon lord (since we play 6 cards that put monsters face-down);
  5. Canadia is not the best option, but I just don't own a single copy of either Compulsory or Crackdown....even so, Canadia is still a decent option until we start to get more generic and powerful link monsters.
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