Evil Eye

King of Games from on September 12th, 2022
Gems 36.5k
20 cards

Author Notes

Evil Eye gamers, the great Evil Eye revolution is upon us. Komoney will bless us will Evil Eye support soon. In the meantime our struggle continues.

Only thing different from my previous list is that I removed one Gorgoneio to boost consistency. The third one does come up a little more than I had originally thought, especially with Crow running around.

This month was the most difficult month this deck has had. This is a hard deck to play and loses quickly to the meta. I always encourage all of my Evil Eye brothers to attempt though, just know our road is difficult and our burden heavy.

What is Evil Eye? For the blind, it is vision. For the gemless, it is wealth. For the angry, it is peace. For the lost, it is guidance. If Basilius thinks, I agree. If Medusa speaks, I listen. If Evil Eyes have one fan, it is me. If Evil Eye has no fans, I no longer exist.