King of Games from on September 10th, 2022
Gems 75.5k
30 cards

Author Notes

Took me getting to DLV Max before settling on this build, after many attempts of trying to make Citree + Impact work. The deck really needed the added consistency of Undine to be able to play through also the Roses and "Stratos is the new Cyber Dragon Core"s on ladder. No Quariongandrax because the times when it was actually usable were few and far between, especially with all the back row running around--it was usually much better to go into one of the Trishes.

Without that slot in the extra deck, Blader makes for a really intersting (albeit not often used) tech against certain decks. When baiting out backrow was possible, it turned into a 28k beatstick that more or less locked Heroes/Roses for at least a turn.

Dolphin is incredibly useful for the grind game once the gy fills up, and can on its own even without SSA be an automatic win against decks that lack non-destruction removal.

Only one Whale because two is far too bricky with the Undine Engine, and there are a fair number of odd matchups in which it's far better to just go into Tr11sh than it is to waste resources so it can hit the field.

Crow greatest card since sliced bread. Book of Money second greatest card since sliced bread. Crystrons best deck since sliced bread.