King of Games from on October 31st, 2023
Gems 73k + $8
26 cards

Notes & Combos

I was looking for the third veiler but i wasn´t lucky enough so i play one Princess instead.

Ideal first turn Sratos+ Faris in hand

  1. Normal summon Stratos to add Liquid or Malicious to hand.
  2. Special summon Faris discarding what you add with Stratos.
  3. Activate Faris effect, putting Increase in your magic trap zone.
  4. Activate Increase effect to special summon itself sending Faris to gy and Special summon Vyon on the right monster zone in defense position, then send Malicious or Liquid from the deck to gy (Depending what you add with Stratos if you search Liquid send Malicious to gy, If you add Malicious send Liquid to gy.)
  5. Activate Vyon effect banishing Faris from gy to add Fusion substitute.
  6. Activate Fusion substitute to Fusion summon Sunrise using Stratos and Increase as fusion materials.
  7. Sunrise effect activates adding Miracle Fusion to hand.
  8. Activate Malicious effect in gy to banish himself and special summon another Malicious from deck.
  9. Link summon Wonder Driver in the Left Extra Monster Zone using Malicious and Sunrise as materials.
  10. Activate Fusion substitute effect in gy to draw one card returning Sunrise in gy to the Extra deck.
  11. Activate Miracle Fusion using Liquid and Malicious in gy to fusion summon Sunrise pointing Wonder Driver arrow.
  12. Chain 1 Wonder Driver chain 2 Liquid; Chain resolves backwards.
  13. Liquid effect activates allowing you to draw 2 cards and then discarding one from hand to gy (Keep in mind you are looking for Princess and/or Boxer to survive the next turn so you need them in your hand, if you draw a hero monster discard it), Wonder Driver effect activates setting Miracle Fusion.
  14. Activate Miracle fusion to summon a second Sunrise in field, using Stratos and Increase as materials( If you discard a Hero monster in step 13th use that Hero monster instead of increase to fusion summon Sunrise).
  15. End turn.

Your field should look like this by the end of the turn. Left Extra Monster zone. - Wonder Driver. Left and middle Monster Zone.-Sunrise Right Monster Zone. - Vyon. I won´t explain why every card has to be in a specific place but trust me It will help u against certain match ups.

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