Superheavy Samurai

King of Games from on October 29th, 2022
Gems 35k
22 cards

Notes & Combos

My main combo turn 1 is finding any way to add prepped defense to hand,if i am going against a deck with a 4000+ atk monster,i use more resources to get both prepped defense in hand and a gigagloves in grave

for turn 2 I usually normal summon wagon to search out a superheavy "soul" monster,due to this deck being made in the salamangreat era, it's usually negated if I don't stop whatever negates await,which is why d.d.crow and dogoran come in handy,the plan is to get a wagon with one soulpeacemaker and one soulpiercer to summon scales to bring susanowo/steam train king,for steam train king,you use a trumpeter and a soulpiercer that scales revived to summon shutendoji then you search a second trumpeter with soulpiercer's effect to bring steam train king,for susanowo, you have the freedom to choose to use the skill and wipe the backrow with shutendoji and then regain it with susanowo,or simply just summoning susanowo without the skill,battleball is quite useful in late game and can make use of dogoran on the opposite field /get rid of annoying monsters

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