Magnet Warriors

King of Games from on October 26th, 2022
Gems 64k + $45
28 cards

Notes & Combos

Few notes:

  • Duality is sick in here, really increases opening hand consistency by alot, and makes Destiny Draw less necessary.

  • I tried a few different skills in here: Bandit, DDraw, Sealed Tombs, and No Mortal Can Resist. I ultimately settled on Bandit since it was better vs a larger spread of match-ups, and is much better from a disadvantaged state. Shuffling a bricked Delta/Berserkion into deck to net an un-interactable +1 makes me ***. People never play around the LP threshold when you're on Keith as opposed to Yami or Ishizu, so even though 1500 is awkward, it was still live around ~30-40% of games.

  • EMZ unironically gave this deck a big boost. Being able to stick your Gorgonic Guardian or w/e in EMZ before summoning Berserkion is huge. Before, you would have to summon DDW or Break Sword to clear your own board if you wanted Berserkion to float.

  • Yes, cards like Back to the Front and Powerful Rebirth are good, but I really value having my recursion traps being D.D. Crow-immune and resilient to end-phase MST, since those cards are omnipresent in the current format.

  • Brute Enforcer is so good in here! Any extra deck monster that puts both materials in GY has always been good in magnets for immediately enabling Berserkion, but Brute can do it with awkward boards of Delta + lv3 magnet, clearing the way for Berserkion to float. It also discards in-hand magnets for more fodder, and it synergizes well with the hand advantage gained from Magnet Conversion.

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