King of Games from on October 14th, 2022
Gems 52.5k
20 cards

Notes & Combos


•This deck is more consistent than you might think with my tech cards going first. Always card advance first so you won't waste your draw power resource and easily get rid of a card in hand.

•Only dark world dealings as a last resort because giving your opponent their d.d. crow/out is sad. This is rare however so i think two copies is optimal, also you get to see what deck they are playing with the discard and dragged.

•You have room to set only ONE spell card you do not need to use but need to get rid of if you start with only one trap in hand.

•As a rule, use your monster effect first whenever possible and save backrow as it is more useful and wins games by itself.


•Your best turn one will be Rhino + Bounzer+ Doom archfiend and the main deck Archfiend with two infernity break and barrier set. Monster reborn will be needed for two archfiends otherwise you will only have one. Only 1 board setup to win.


•You can swap onimaru for evilswarm nightmare or male sin incase you get disrupted but this is a loser's mentality imo.

•You can onimaru turn 1 instead of bounzer if you know you will need the destruction immunity because only decks like Nekroz ending battle phase, fire kings garunix, or thunder dragon deck with chaos dragon levianeer have a chance of breaking/stalling turn 2 if they can bait the counter trap + bounzer.

•Infernity Barrier is good in case of turn one crow but is outclassed by a second breaker in everything else.

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