King of Games from on October 24th, 2022

Author Notes

My favorite version of Crystrons at the moment. Book of Moon dropping in popularity means this deck has a very simple turn 1 of Rion pass, so I poured all the other resources into raising the ceiling of turn 2 and 3. lab builder is insane in this 3 axis build because it turns the most common and easily accessible synchro summon (lv 6) into a spell speed 4 Trish 11. This means opponents either make suboptimal plays which I can continue to extend through, or hope whatever they are saving is enough to survive a non target banish 3. the backrow hate helps us keep our tuners live and make sure our synchros connect.

The Genex engine is still the best starter this deck has IMO and is even better with the skill. Controller is no longer a brick so Undine is always live t1 and can possibly be used more than once per duel. Undine also gives a +1 to the hand which helps to fuel the hefty investment the skill requires. Wheeleder combos with every starter in the deck and has the added benefit of chain blocking. The extra deck is flexible but I liked having 2 Inzektrons as it made me feel very safe if I couldn't end the game quickly. If I didn't open enough techs to push through disruption, I usually could fall back on how strong the Crystron grind game is.