King of Games from on October 6th, 2022

Author Notes

Basic gameplan:

T1: Setup a defensive play with Powered Inzektron;

T2: Remove all their resources with either Trishula, Trishula Zero, Quarion or Brionac.

Limit 2s:

Not having Citree can hurt when you don't open any of the starters (Undine, Recycler or Sulfefnir), as you won't have a way to setup Ametrix to survive, but I feel like Undine is too important not to play. Forgoing Impact is an option that I don't recommend.


Since I'm already playing Undine, Mythic Depths with SSA is the obvious choice, as this engine wins games by itself. I haven't tried Labyrinth Builder yet, but I can see its appeal as long as Genex Controller remains on the banlist.

Everything else:

Wheeleder is a much needed extender, it baits interaction and chain blocks negation cards like Salamangreat Roar or Photon Lord, ensuring Quarion or the Trishulas resolve. MST is also crucial in the current meta to remove the new annoying backrow threats (Compulse, Crackdown, Roar) and to avoid auto-losing to floodgates like Necrovalley or Dimensional Fissure, which seems to have grown in popularity since Salamangreat's release.

All in all the deck is decent but could definitely use some help, unlimiting Genex Controller would give it a much needed boost. Also release Quandax so we can finally Quarion/Blackrose on the opponent's turn :)