King of Games from on November 26th, 2023
Gems 20.5k
30 cards

Notes & Combos

ALWAYS KEEP IN MIND : When activating the skill, you can only attack directly once. This makes it so that the Esperade POP 2 and go for game isn't the best line all the time. There are two main OTK lines with decks, and you must choose one based on your backrow reads, based on your opp's field, based on BOTH your opp and your own LP and also based on your Romanpick's mills. This restriction makes the deck the most challenging deck I've ever played all shared formats. It can win against almost anything, it's very very consistent thanks to the skill and if you build your main deck adequately (with only 3 Level7+). OTK LINE 1 - ESPERADE POP 2 : Here, you want to go below 1000LP to use Esperade's effect and have 2 attacks (one on a monster, the other directly). Use Amusi Performer and Prima Guitarna to help you lower your LP below 1000. As a help : if you are at 2800LP (even 3200LP often) or below, you can almost always drop below 1000LP to use Esperade. OTK LINE 2 - ROMIC N'ROLLER : You don't necessarily need RomicN'Roller but a lot of times, if your opponent has too much LP (still at 6K on turn4/5), going for Esperade's effect immediately is too risky. You still summon Esperade (you can shuffle it back with Telepathic Agent, Dream Drummer or recover it later with your own Romanpick) - but you keep your monsters on field to have more attacks (not only 2 like the first line). RomicN'Roller is clutch here because you can have an additional 1500damage thanks to her effect. With 3 monsters on board, this line can often lead to an OTK evern if your opp is at 6K BUT pay attention to your opponent's traps. A Widespread Ruin could make you lose everything - and you would regret not going for the 1st line. There are also a lot of alternatives lines where you keep quiet for the turn (if you still have good backrow on your side) - and summon Esperade on the next turn to have an unlimited amount of direct attacks also. You almost always feel like there is a way to win, this deck feels like a puzzle game. You have to survive 1 turn and then you have the skill gives you the pieces to come back. It's up to you to make them combine together for the W. It's one of the best decks I've ever played in DL in terms of learning curve and fun ! You will lose a lot at the start but learn from your mistakes and slowly you will start to understand the hidden gem, the unlimited amount of combos this can do. Have fun !

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Here's a replay of the OTK Line 1 with Romanpick/Amusi Performer combining to drop your LP below 1000 and have game. I hope you can compute fast, do not lose to time ! #ReplayDuel #DuelLinks