Dark Magician

King of Games from on November 30th, 2022
Gems 53.5k
20 cards

Author Notes

And this month kog with DM! Even though I'm not a fan of this deck, since I had most of the cards by chance I said to myself "Yeah, why not? A kog with something new won't hurt'". This decklist that I used isn't REALLY different from your classic DM build....with the only diffrence that I'm actually playing a synchro package :) (The reason is that wanted to try a slight different and more fun version with more extra deck options....and also cuz, different, I don't even have a single copy of the usual 2 copies of Pot of duality that are played in the deck). Night's end sorcerer and Glow-up bulb are both really good as they allow us the give DM more firepower / interruptions than just the banish effect of Circle. NOTES:

  1. Sorcerer can be summoned with Navigation and it can stop Salamangreat by banishing their Counter trap (if used at the right time, since he has a "When" effect) + it allow us to go into Cyber Slash or Vermillion on turn 2;
  2. Glow-up bulb is REALLY good since it can let us go (with Apprentice) in a Turn 1 Zeta or in a Turn 2 Cyber Slash, Brute Enforcer (with a simple link climbing) and/ or even in a Rank 7 (Zeta + DM) + Even if it's only 1 copy, we can always search it with Destiny Draw.
  3. I'm playing Dracossack (instead of Dark Armed) cuz his tokens can also be used for a tribute summon of DM (+ we don't really want to banish cards from our GY...).
  4. If you prefer, instead of Zeta you can definitely play Black Rose, Bounzer or M7.