King of Games from on November 3rd, 2022

Author Notes

Crystrons best deck bb! Despite salads being fucking everywhere, Crystrons still feel very strong on ladder. D.D.Crow is still the best card in the game.

Wheeleder and Labyrinth Builder are incredibly useful techs for the Salad matchup. The former lets you chain-block roar when proccing off of synchro summers, and the Labyrinth Wall is a speed 4 level 5, which fills a massive gap in the Trish games. Once you get two level 3s on the board, your opponent either has to use effects early (letting you keep your turn going), or sit back and watch Tr11sh hit the field. Roar might negate it, but that destruction floats into the 3300 Tr9sh, and negates their monster effects, something that very often allows (against most decks for that matter) OTKs.

The other tech worthy of note is Cyber Slash. I opted for it over Red Wyvern because RW is a dead extra deck card against Salads (the most played deck on ladder) and Mermails (a real pain in the ass), and also because it's a level 8, which allows for interesting plays with Labyrinth Wall + Rion against certain matchups.