Magical Musket

King of Games from on May 6th, 2023
Gems 29k
20 cards

Notes & Combos

ya boy made it once again into kog with magical muskets, it has a very good matchup vs orcust what is everywhere on the ladder, kozmo is a instant forfeit tho unfortunatly, you could play trough 1/2 backrow with most hands going second but 3 is pushing it. going first you're all but guaranteed to play trough a book of moon and in some cases you could even play trough 2 as i've done before. i'll try and make some duelbook replays so you know the secret sauce on how to do some good replays in the end phase with the toggle on.

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Replays less ideal hand with starfire caspar lance and needle in hand. lance + solemn how to procceed going first. Lance + 2 needle ceiling a complete "Brick".

this is my wisdom to you, if you decide to play steady hands the lines are the same as steady hands subsitutes lance, i however decided to drop hands because of orcust thisformat