Psychics: Rush!

King of Games from on March 12th, 2024
Gems 22k
30 cards

Notes & Combos

DO NOT IMITATE This deck uses Psychic Drive skill to add a Lv2 monster from GY to tribute more high-level monsters, or just use as a defense

  • Keep at least 2 Lv2 Normal in hand when u have set Double Block
  • Only use Prima's effect when encountered Harpie, or if you're fear of Barrier or ATK-reducing traps
  • Keep your LP as high as possible, save Legend Spell in case Maximum or opponent's boss appears (if u use Doomed instead of Shield & Sword)
  • You can use Babysitter Goat, Kuribot and King's Majesty instead of Aqua engine and Recital/Double Block (I don't have Roa)
  • Bait Ruin before setting up for an all-in attack
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