Elemental HEROs

King of Games from on March 22nd, 2023
Gems 70.5k + $19
25 cards

Notes & Combos

All I can say is E-HEROs do well in this meta filled with P.K, DM and Mekk-Knights. I wanted to fix-up the dexk but got lazy to change anything. I probably used Great Tornado once so I would switch him for a 3rd Sunrise but I don't own a 3rd copy.

Turn 1: I try to make Sunrise and hold on to miracle fusion for next turn. if I can't, I normal summon Neos and set super poly. Neos Fusion can search for Neos with Lazuli.

Turn 2: depending on matchup, you either go unga bunga, or keep a miracle fusion in your hand for a follow-up play.

Time to find another deck to KoG next

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