King of Games from on March 23rd, 2023
Gems 25.5k
24 cards

Notes & Combos

A deck combines deskbot and metalfoe. They match each other pretty well! KOG on 22nd, March 2023. The point is using any metalfoe to destroy the p scale deskbot 005, and then ressurect deskbot 002 to add more cards.

A core 2-card-combo with 003 and any metalfoe: normal summon 003 and special summon 002, then add 005 to your hand. Use 003 and 002 to link summon a link-2 monster, then you will have 002 in the grave. P set metalfoe and 005, destroy the 005 to set a metalfoe spell/trap and then ressurect 002 to add a deskbot pendulum. If the link arrow allowed pendulum summon, pendulum summon the 005 from the ex-deck to pop your opponent's backrow, pop the 006 to recycle the 003, pop the metalfoe fushion to simply draw a card, or do nothing to use the fushion later. If not interrupt by opponent, you will have at least a link-2 monster, 002 and 005 in the field and then you can link summon link-3 or link-4 big monster. You can also make xyz R5 monsters, as you can fushion summon the level-5 using skill-added metalfoe and 002 and then xyz with 005. Many of the times I favor the R6 Full Armored Crystalzero Lancer by rank up summon(using the R5 water dino). Exceed 002s can make that R2 phantom knight(negate and reduce ATK to 0).

If no 003 at first, see if you can pendulum summon 002 to get 003. The skill is flexible with pendulum, but be aware that you may not always get the correct pendulum scale you need. If no 003 or 002, see if you can make 005(s) and fushion to make xyz R5 R6.

Be careful when you decide the position of your ex-deck monster, especially if you will pendulum summon 005 from the ex-deck.

This deck is weak to those negation effects, but is fatal to your opponents if they love backrows without negation. Pop black magicians' backrows with your 005s and Phoenix.

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