King of Games from on March 19th, 2023
Gems 33k + $38
20 cards

Notes & Combos

  • I would include 2 more MK Purple Knightfall if I had
  • I would include also 1-2 Warning Point if I had instead of Bottomless Trap Hole
  • 3 Kaijus are very effective especially if you're going second.
  • I put 2 of each link Crusadia card because if your opponent disrupts your combo, you can easily try to summon Equimax again in the next turn.
  • I went for 2 World Legacy's Memory instead of 2 MK Blue Sky because you can set them in order to survive if your hand is bad and also to get MK Purple Nightfall easily.
  • Included MK Yellow Star to able to play optional for opponent's backrow.
  • Couldn't have a chance to use Borreload actually.

First turn Combo:

  1. Normal summon Crusadia
  2. Link summon Magius
  3. Special Summon Mekk or Crusadia
  4. Get Draco from your deck and 1 Crusadia in your GY.
  5. If you have Mekk or World Legacy card in your hand summon MK Morning Star otherwise summon Spatha
  6. Set World Legacy's Secret if you go for MK Morning Star. Special summon Mekk or Crusadia
  7. Summon Equimax
  8. Special summon Crusadia to Equimax's link point.
  9. Special summon another Mekk if you have.

You will get 1 card negate and monster negates and a protection (if you have Arboria in your GY)

Second turn:

  • If you had Kaiju special summon by tributing opponent's monster then do the full combo and OTK with Maximus. If you have multiple Kaijus you can also summon to your field.
  • If you don't have Kaiju move your opponent's card with Spatha and OTK with Maximus.
  • If your opponent prevents you to summon Equimax continue with MK cards.


  • You can protect Reclusia if you have Arboria in your GY
  • If you have Equimax and MK Eclipse you can attack two times by moving MK Eclipse. Also you can trick your opponents with increasing Equimax's ATK by 2400
  • If your opponent prevents you to summon Equimax consider that you can also summon Equimax with MK Morning Star and effect monsters.
  • If your opponent summoned a link monster which points to your field, you can summon Crusadias with special summon.
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