King of Games from on July 28th, 2022

Author Notes

You summon a bunch of Yosendudes and make 1 Rank 4 to win the game. You can summon 2 Kama 1s and then make Malevolent Sin to "wipe" an entire field of monsters and go for game.

In terms of usefulness: Utopia Ray > Malevolent Sin > Roach > Dweller > Patriarch > Rebellion > Utopia

I summoned Rebellion only once and lost the next turn. So, Rebellion can be any other niche card like Thunder Spark Dragon or Diamond Dire Wolf.

Oyam is very easy to deal with nowadays, so the only advantage it gives is a psychological one. It signals your opponent that you're likely safe from at least one attack. I would still run 1 no matter what. I summoned it only twice this season and in one of them it instantly got banished.

Two Cosmic to maximize getting into DDraw and Utopia Ray range. More MST and More Cosmic can be played.

You can play 1 Chalice or Santa if you're facing Galaxy often.