Thunder Dragons

King of Games from on January 28th, 2023
Gems 52.5k + $64
22 cards

Notes & Combos

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(vs Mekk)

went 20-1 with this at the start of my climb from Plat -> L3

Garbage Lord is super spicy in here. You monstermorph it into Chaos Betrayer, giving you multiple materials for Rank 6 or Link plays while proc'ing your TDs.

In particular I like to make Beatrice with Garbage Lord -> Betrayer, send Eclipse Wyvern from deck, banish it to resummon Betrayer, and add Levianeer to hand.

TGU/Sangan act as Link fodder that tutors Garbage Lord, and since it's an inherent summon, not an effect, you can use it the turn you search it.

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