Ice Barrier

King of Games from on January 31st, 2023
Gems 51.5k
25 cards

Notes & Combos

This is an update to my last KOG list from months ago. Here is a list of the notable changes:

  1. Replaced Brionac with Coral Dragon. Brionac is almost never used in the deck thanks to Graydle Dragon. Coral Dragon lets you go into Trishula Zero with 1 free card draw. Combo: Normal Revealer > Special Speaker > Revealer eff, special Hexa > Hexa eff, dump Zuijin > Speaker and Hexa make Coral Dragon > Speaker eff, summon token > Revealer, token and Coral Dragon make Trishula Zero.

  2. Now running a small Link package with Marincess Coral Anemone and Sea Archiver. I've been testing out Sea Archiver since the VRAINS Duelist Kingdom and found that it was a great discard fodder for Revealer. Only problem was that hamfisting Mistar Boy into your 1st turn isn't great. Well, now we have an actually good Water LINK-2 for combo plays. Preferably, you'd be summoning Coral Anemone after a Synchro play using Speaker's generated token. Going for an XYZ Monster into Anemone is jank for this reason.

  3. Winds of the Ice Barrier cut to 1 as Floodgate Trap Hole and Book of Moon are now less prevalent. Replaced with Prior of the Ice Barrier, which you can summon off of Winds of the Ice Barrier or Hexa mill > Freezing Chains. It can tribute itself to summon ANY Ice Barrier so this is a new way to recycle your Wayne from the GY. Maybe even Trish Zero.

  4. Replaced Crackdown for Warning Point since it gets countered by MST and Galaxy. Stealing material isn't useful anymore anyway thanks to the Link.

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