King of Games from on January 5th, 2023
Gems 77.5k
30 cards

Notes & Combos

I said last month that Plana might not be the best skill for this deck; after going through a MK gauntlet I couldn't be more wrong lmao. Skill does well against Code Talker (can't activate the trap GY effect!!), Mirror, and especially MK.

Swapped in Crow to deal with its top 3 worst MUs (NOT named Merm Atlantean; I kinda just prayed lol): Infernoid (not as much, but occasionally timely), going 2nd Photon (unplayable for turn 1 Kite), and MK (makes their skill drain useless if they can't get back Indigo) in that order.

Vortex instead of Dark Hole not because I care about my board being wiped, but pitching is more valuable and has unblocked my hand on multiple occasions. Vortex does well against MK and Infernoid.

For this meta with respect to the tier list [Bo1], I believe Crystrons favorably beat D/D/D and Code Talker, go even against Salad and Musket, slightly lose to Gouki and MK, and favorably lose to Infernoid. But from the aforementioned point, the tech cards/Plana did a really good job for me to balance out the losing MUs.

Also first Cyrstron DL of the year is an honor :)

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