King of Games from on February 11th, 2024
Gems 3.5k + $16
30 cards

Notes & Combos

I wanted to hit KOG with raidacross and this is the best month to do it before the release of maximums. This deck is a lot better with the new cards from the structure decks. However the deck lasts burst damage like sevens road magician to close out games and it lacks power to effeciently clear boards like a dragias.

The one good thing about the deck is that it can out grind your opponent. I changed up the build so many times on my climb.

I found that I was bricking too much with rightful magic so I cut it down to one. I'm using 3 magical stream because everyone is running so much backrow. Shield and Sword is so good and one of the few ways to finish out games. Shining Shaman surprised me with how good it was, you can sneak out a victory using it on dark sorcerer and hitting your opponent with 1500 damage to the face.

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