King of Games from on February 28th, 2024
Gems 57k
30 cards

Notes & Combos

This is my take on pure Crystrons, or as pure as you can make it at least.

Updated list for current tools we have available. Honestly did not expect to KoG in this meta, but went on a run when I guess most tier 0 players had already reached KoG.

Lots of Synchro climbing, as many extenders as we can fit and hope for the best.

Majestic Light is my skill of choice following the nerf to Labyrinth Builder - Use it to shuffle back your garnets (Controller, Crystron tuners) and summon a majestic dragon that allows you to link into Phoenix to load your grave and pop a backrow that your opponent can't respond to.

When Phoenix is done, Majestic Light also allows an extra body on the board with the second Dragon to pop for your main deck monster effects.

I played around with the Mermail engine in previous months, but this lits felt more consistent overall.

I also welcome back Ametrix, who has proved useful against this non-link deck meta and allows for some crafty Quarion combos with its revive effect (pop with a main deck monster to summon a tuner from your deck and then revive one for a Quarion without your normal summon).

I will keep coping with Crystrons until we get the rest of our cards and/or Accel Synchron.

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