King of Games from on February 29th, 2024
Gems 35.5k
20 cards

Notes & Combos

Your Altergeist King is back with a brand new, updated Altergeist decklist for the February 2024 ranked season! This decklist features the all-new cards that we got in Ghost Gal's rerun, those being Altergeist Kidolga and Altergeist Pixiel! Granted, these aren't really the greatest cards to add, but hey, I got a Prismatic copy of Altergeist Pixiel and Altergeist Kidolga so I'll be darned not to use them in this decklist.

That being said, Pixiel put in a lot more work than I thought it would, as being able to thin your deck and draw an Altergeist card wasn't half bad honestly. Also, if you milled Altergeist Manifestation or even Altergeist Silquitous, even better, as that's free graveyard setup. Altergeist Kidolga also put in work, as being able to steal your opponent's big beaters often times was enough to secure me lethal when otherwise, I wouldn't have it. Also, nobody reads Kidolga's effect so stealing enemy beatsticks was often times really easy.

Paleozoic Marrella and Mischief of the Gnomes was the tech that was used by the Rank 25 Altergeist player (B.Z 白眼の青龍) to counter Tachyon so I took a page out of his book and it did wonders for me in the Tachyon matchup.

As for the other cards in the decklist, everything is pretty standard Altergeist stuff. The Clear Wing Synchro Dragon and the Trickstar Holly Angel I threw in there to flex the alt art on my opponent, plus I was doing a self-challenge where I try to King of Games with a suboptimal Extra Deck. Plus, you just can't not have that Holly Angel because she's best waifu.

My past five games this time around were Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon (Mizar), Mayakashi (Dark Signer Kalin Kessler), Battle Chronicle Blue-Eyes White Dragon (Dark Side of Dimensions Seto Kaiba), Doomking Balerdroch Zombie (Bonz), and Shadow Game Stall (Yami Marik).

Also, Happy Leap Year 2024! Hopefully we get more Altergeist support soon. Give me Pookuery, Malwisp, and Memorygant Konami!

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Personally, the replays were pretty standard, but even so, I'll provide you guys with my best one. This one was my rankup game from Legend 4 to Legend 5 where I then took King of Games easily enough. I was against Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon and I still won through Tachyon Transmigration, Double Crackdown, Ice Dragon's Prison, and two Book of Moons.