Ice Barrier

King of Games from on February 5th, 2023
Gems 45.5k
24 cards

Notes & Combos

Marincess Coral Anemone gives Ice Barrier actual Turn 1 plays. Basically, it can fetch anything you mill with Hexa. This allows you to fetch Warlock to destroy HERO and Galaxy. This also allows you to fetch Prior/Zuijin to get Wayne out for a Winds setup or to get out Raiho for a strong floodgate on Turn 1. No more Aura Dolphin. You'd need to open Raiho to summon him though so x2 Raiho might be better. Funnily enough, Dweller pass is still very effective against Link decks so you don't need to go into these all the time. Coral Anemone also allows some decent Turn 1 play lines even if you draw badly. These lines would've been impossible without it. I normal summoned Hexa and Zuijin a few times and it worked out fine. Besides that, it's just run of the mill Ice Barriers that will OTK you if you let the normal summon resolve. However, this style introduces new weaknesses like opening a useless Raiho going 2nd and having to run a bunch of semi-garnet one-off Ice Barrier cards. Revealer's discard cost mitigates the harm a bit but the deck is already so fickle.

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