King of Games from on December 25th, 2023
Gems 34k
26 cards

Notes & Combos

•Kog Obtained On December 25th 2023 With Winstreaks 6-8 •Here's Some Keynotes About Playing My Deck:

  • "Into The Deep Space" Skill Activate It Only When There's Spaceships Left In The Graveyard After "Tin Can" Effect (Use The Skill To Draw Arcjet Lightcraft) So You Can XYZ Summon into Earth Slicer (Combo Useful If You're Out Of Options)

  • "Dreadnought Dreadnoid" After Destroying Monster Can Rank Up Into "Mech King Magnus" And Can Shuffle Back Cards Into The Deck (Very Useful Combo Against Non-Targetable Monsters)

  • To Summon "Borreload Dragon" You Need To Have 2 Monsters Already On the Field Link Summon Into "Phoenix" (Don't Activate Effect) Summon "Strawman" And Use Effect To Summon Another Kozmo (Combo Very Useful Against High Damage Monsters)

  • "Storm Dragons Return" Is Very Unique If You Have Dark Destroyer You Can Destroy Him, Banish Him And Draw Out "Dark Lady" Now With "Storm Dragons Return" You Can Return It Back To The Field And Use It's Effect On Opponents Monster To Destroy If They Try To Activate Their Monster Effect You can Use "Dark Lady" To Negate And Destroy (Good Combo To Completely Overwhelm Your Opponent)

•Deck Made By Nexus

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