King of Games from on December 4th, 2023
Gems 82k + $8
28 cards

Notes & Combos

Wasn't easy, but managed to KOG on December 3th with HEROs. We ran compulse for most of the run, but felt like it wasn't super impactful and slow, so switched to 3 book. Overall, this deck felt very consistent and strong enough to break boards or set up strong turn 1 defensive plays. Normally I play 30 cards, but Plasma not as good these days because of Eternal Cringe and Tenyi, so just focus on the main engine with tech cards. Mask change again performed really well and running 3 was very good to help play through backrow or OTK. I'm gonna take out Anki for 3rd sunrise for easier follow up plays, Anki didn't really do anything.

The vod is on twitch.tv/j___g_ and I'll post some replays and higlights on my youtube youtube.com/@J___G_YT

Thanks for the support as always!

-Trinity CRASH

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