King of Games from on August 9th, 2023
Gems 92.5k + $8
30 cards

Notes & Combos

-30 card HERO because the engine is big and don't want to draw dead cards like Increase, Mali and Plasma. Through testing, a larger deck just felt better and allowed me to play past turn 2 or 4.

-I prefer this build because getting Plasma turn 1 when you go first is huge and it also can come up going 2nd as people will not expect it. It can deal with lots of problematic boards, especially monsters that have non-targeting effects

-If you want to know about Neos Alius, he's essential for the skill to get a +1 and extend past your opponents disruption.

-Unfortunately no mask change this month (I love Mask Change), but just was always felt dead against orcust and pendulum. We can't afford to have any of our tech cards to be dead during these matchups, we will just simply lose if we can't make Plasma. Maxing out Book and Cosmic was essential because I wanted to see these cards as often as possible going 1st or 2nd.

Thank you for everyones support on this HERO climb! I stream these HERO climbs every month on twitch.tv/j___G_


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